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Markus Petzl,

Managing Partner

Markus Petzl has been advising brands, companies and institutions since the late 1990s on issues relating to brand positioning and development. In the first decade of this century, he co-founded a prominent brand consultancy. Inspired by the dynamics of the global economic crisis, in 2008 he focused his efforts on rebranding and the development of powerful brands. As founder and managing partner of the rebranding institute, wien in Vienna, Markus advises brands across Europe, always thinking and acting holistically. And is further a member of the executive board of Strategie Austria and a Faculty Member of Erste Foundation. When his schedule permits, he is also a lecturer in the international Master of Science program at the University of Klagenfurt. Markus is a long-time associate of GP DDWS Corporate Advisors, where he supports wide-ranging brand-building processes as advisory partner. Markus Petzl lives happily in Vienna.


Perdita Petzl,

Rebranding Consultant

Perdita Petzl adores living nature. And yet in the 90s she studied
 architecture, with one intention: to not become an architect. So she brought the identity of architecture in a round-about way to the living identity of companies and to the theme of brands and re-branding. In 2009 she became a founder member of the rebranding institute in Vienna. There she concentrates on drawing out the deep-rooted substances and identities of companies and brands and on guiding them as a consultant in their transformation into strong personalities.


Florian Greimel, 

Rebranding Consultant

Florian Greimel initially studied graphic design and began working in 2003 as a graphic designer, then later as a freelance art director for agencies such as Jung von Matt / Donau, Wien Nord and Publicis. In 2005 he represented Austria as a “Young Creative” at the international competition in Cannes. In 2009 he moved to London as a freelance art director. Returning with a suitcase full of inspiration, he turned his back on design and switched to strategy. “Change is the law of life” is his motto. It is perfect for a rebranding institute, where he has been supporting companies in precisely this matter as a consultant since 2011. Florian is also a lecturer at FH Burgenland where he teaches the Master’s program „Information, Media, Communication“. Florian Greimel is happily married and lives in Vienna.



Something we’re still proud of:

In Austria we are a happy member of the IAA Austrian Chapter and of Strategie Austria.