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As a Vienna-based management consultancy with a systematic approach, we design and manage tailor-made processes for the repositioning and further development of brands, companies and institutions, thus opening up a wide range of new opportunities for our customers.


In a repositioning process we developed ourselves, we work together with management to help brands recognise and develop new opportunities and options for future success.

It has a lot to do with creative thinking.

After all, brands are always an expression of human creativity, willpower and drive.

It has a lot to do with emotions.

After all, brands are personalities that are brought to life and must tell a powerful, relevant story, touching on the right themes when doing so.

It has a lot to do with strategy.

After all, brands are not just made up of colourful images and marketing campaigns, but must become the core of the entire company approach and attitude.

And it has a lot to do with the people
 behind a brand.

After all, brands only come to life through the actions and conduct of employees and (sic!) customers.

It’s not always that easy.

After all, re-branding is the integration of the theme of “change” into the brand’s world. But it’s precisely with regard to the changes that companies and brands are facing today that we see our approach as an essential contribution in order to make brands even more successful in the future. If you would like to know more about our approach and ideas, then we would be delighted to arrange a personal appointment.



Our service portfolio.

Strategic brand and company repositioning, brand positioning processes, naming and renaming, structuring and reorganisation of brand systems, product positioning and repositioning, strategic brand communication, plus supervision and guidance for brands in far-reaching change processes at management level.