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Why so exactly

In Europe there are currently well in excess of 400 brand consultancies and agencies. But there’s only one institute specialising in re-branding. More

What we do

As a Vienna-based management consultancy with a systematic approach, we design and manage tailor-made processes for the repositioning and further development of brands, companies and institutions, thus opening up a wide range of new opportunities for our customers. More

Talks and presentations

We’ve got something to say. Purposeful. Well-founded. 
To the entrepreneurial point. About re-branding. And the development of brands. More


There is a whole host of brand models and promising development processes. Our brand positioning process is one of these, but we are convinced that we have found an approach that opens up serious and solid new opportunities to brands.


Seven signs that it’s time to think about re-branding.

1. You have that vague feeling that you as a brand could be better.

2. You have no good answer to this one question: What is the purpose behind your brand?

3. You no longer know why you leap out of bed with energy and enthusiasm for your brand each morning.

4. Your entrepreneurial gut repeatedly tells you something’s wrong with your brand.

5. You don’t trust your gut instinct? Your hard and fast market research shows you something’s wrong with your brand.

6.  You don’t trust either? Your suppliers are already telling you something’s wrong with your brand.

7.  And deliberately at this point: Your customers are indicating to you that something’s wrong with your brand.

A brand has potential for the future.
Our approach is based on the assumption that a brand comprises two different personalities. Firstly what its history has made it, and secondly what it could be in the future. The more distant these two personalities are from one another, the less a brand can exhaust its actual potential among customers.

A brand has a role and a purpose.
Our approach is based on the assumption that brands that have recognised their future potential relearn how to play a significant and “self-aware” role in the market and thus to represent a strong purpose.

A brand has shaping power.
Our approach is based on the assumption that brands that consciously take on their role and thus represent a purpose are able to shape markets. We are convinced that every brand
 harbours this market-shaping future potential.

We have proved that our approach, when adopted with passion and intelligence, will be successful. But we do point out that this approach has limitations. Because the time of miracles, cure-alls and sensations promised by consultants should be over. If you would like to know more about how our approach can get your brand ready for the future, we would be delighted to organise a personal appointment.